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Friday, July 7, 2017

Cost effective CGI style

A CGI project offers both flexibility and consistency to any client. A simple change of wall colour or styling update can create a fresh new feel to any pre-existing image. Perfect for product comparisons allowing simple, uncluttered brochure layouts.

bedroom lifestyle CGI Set Visions

We take pride in our R&D department, constantly striving to create fantastic photorealistic CGI images whilst reducing our production time to deliver cost effective results to clients. An example of this is we now work exclusively with CGI bedding and rugs for all bedroom shots.

This enables us to update materials and patterns at a click of a button without the timely wait for dressing beds and reshoots. Our in-house stylists keep a keen eye on the details, ensuring our images are perfectly not perfect from a wrinkle in a bed sheet to a magazine curl.

CGI bedding and rugs Set visions portfolio

Thursday, April 25, 2013

KBB the Blog

Benefiting from a great position of working in many market sectors, we have a culture enriched with a deep history and experience of cgi interiors; Kitchens, Bedroom and Bathrooms are no exception.

Our cgi illustrators and artists pride themselves having worked on numerous distinctive projects over the years. Think interiors, think cgi… think PIX may have created that, or something very similar. Brochures, websites, promotions or ads, our work has seen a wide variety of exposure with KBB cgi images, furthermore we offer the ability to continue this trend moving forward.

Our images have helped us fine-tune many of our well-perfected skills in recent years, making our 3D rendering some of the finest in this arena. Our extensive range of cgi kitchens, cgi bedrooms and cgi bathrooms, cover everything from traditional to contemporary to modern. Our portfolio includes comprehensive finishes of wood, gloss, granite, chrome, and even water and steam, highlighting our forte for photorealistic achievement every time.

2605 BD082 May12 TOK Kitchen Opener_V3 WKS

At Set Visions our cgi skills have been adapted and perfected amongst our artists, respectfully creating a friendly rivalry with our team, each eager to introduce the next new concept into the studio and beyond into a live project.

Having produced countless eye-catching images of cgi interiors, we embrace new technology to evolve aspiration, relishing the ability to push creative boundaries further and produce interior cgi images that inspire manufacturers, retailers and ultimately consumers alike. A passion that drives enthusiasm, creativity and innovation for a team that just keeps growing and growing.

At the next national KBB exhibition in London, we ponder the thought… just how many cgi Interior images will people view this year? Find out more about KBB 2013 here

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17th Dec 2019

Seasonal campaign content

There’s nothing like our favorite brands battling it out for the number one campaign spot....

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All smiles and top banter today as many of our new projects are kicking off and the...
#workwithus #cgi

All smiles and top banter today as many of our new projects are kicking off and the...
#behindthescenes #capture

26th Nov 2019

Trending-Moody Movement

This trend is about pushing the limits, layering dark materials and high-quality finishes....

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