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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Get The Look - Tropical Spa Bathroom

With little chance of holidaying on a faraway tropical island this summer or even a trip to the spa, why not create the next best thing at home?

Here is a bathroom we recently designed for a radiator company to get you inspired!

It successfully combines the modern tropical trend with luxurious hints of brassware, a forest green wall and a mix of light and dark wood tones creating a rich backdrop. There is also plenty of open storage space which is useful for stacks of fresh towels and keeping your luxury cosmetics and beauty products to hand!

Interior design tropical bathroom

How to style up this look.

    Create a statement with tropical print tiles

    Mix light and dark wood tones

    Be brave and go for a dark forest green wall

    Add hints of luxurious brass

    Keep your towel stacks and products out on display

    Tuesday, March 24, 2020

    Get The Look-Modern Memphis trend

    This may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s certainly not boring! Influenced by Memphis Design, the postmodern collective that defined avant-garde design during the 80’s, this bathroom is all about bright colours, grid patterns, stripes and playful geometric shapes.

    Memphis interior design trend bathroom mood board

    How to style up this look.

    • Use lots of contrasting repetitive pattern throughout.
    • Choose bright neon, primary and pastel colours.
    • Add foliage in colourful plant pots to soften the space.
    • Use monochrome fixtures and fittings which allow the colours to pop.
    • Keep colourful patterned towels out on display.

    Wednesday, February 26, 2020

    Trending-Patterned tile paradise

    Pattern tiles are on the up! We’re constantly looking at new ways to express ourselves through our interiors and exploring new ways of doing so. New shapes, new patterns and new surface finishes are emerging from the design shows, producing the perfect Instagramable inspirations.

    The low maintenance hard wearing surface has eco credentials with more designers combining recycled materials with natural ceramic and porcelain materials. Here’s our insights on the trending product.

    Creative Photography tile samples

    Feature walls

    Here we chose a traditional pattern mix and match tile to create an entire feature wall. Mixed patchwork tiles are a traditional idea, here the colour palette has brought the concept up to date, fitting the contemporary classic design scheme.

    In our boutique open plan hotel room we considered the room layout, with the feature tile pulling the space together. The matt midnight blue and gold trim give the en-suite a lux feel, whilst the tile cut adds individuality and a modern aesthetic.

    Patterned tiles feature wall

    Playful patterns

    In this more playful design, we’ve not only used an interesting shape but we also experimented with scale of the print to really create a feature within this space. The dynamic use of the tile going from floor to wall adds to this exciting look.

    These simple powder grey pattern tiles have been designed specifically for outdoor use. The textured finish is a safety feature and adds a unique design feature. The large format of the pattern gives an overall effortless graphic look.

    Playful patterned tiles

    Friday, January 24, 2020

    Get The Look-Modern Lux Bathroom

    Modern lux is all about creating that perfect balance between contemporary design and luxurious living. Here we’ve combined different finishes and materials that balance and compliment each other, accompanying finishing touches, soften and dress the space beautifully.

    lux bathroom inspiration marble concrete

    interior design trend lux bathroom Set Visions

    How to style up this look.
    • Balance lux marble floor tiles with polished concrete walls.
    • Source handmade tiles in various sizes.
    • Add foliage to soften the space.
    • Use feature lighting that is bathroom friendly.
    • Display uniformed glass cosmetic bottles that can be re-used.

    Tuesday, November 26, 2019

    Trending-Moody Movement

    This trend is about pushing the limits, layering dark materials and high-quality finishes. Choose a designer edge to your home accessories to avoid the full on Halloween look. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your choices, consider your space and explore your lighting options.

    moody kitchen design CGI

    Dark and textured

    Here we designed the bathroom to incorporate layers of moody wall finishes to give a bespoke, high-end feel. The recessed lighting in the ceiling completes the look and creates depth and drama to the room.

    In the kitchen our moody industrial treatment mixes matt black metal, grainy woods and a unique raw finish on the walls. The high gloss kitchen contrasting against the raw material finishes makes this look a showstopper.

    dark textured interior design trend

    Bold lux

    With wallpaper making a strong revival why not play about with textured papers? Here we have painted the top layer in gold to give an opulent lux feel and ties in the brassware. Heavy wood and stone basins ground this look.

    Reclaimed textured dark wood ceiling cladding sets the look for this living room. What could be a typical bright space acquires a bold, dark twist. Alongside the feature ceiling, black framework and copper tones bring a dusk look and feel.

    moody interior design trend

    Thursday, August 1, 2019

    Clerkenwell Insights

    Clerkenwell Design Week is an award-winning innovative design festival held over three days attracting the cream of the design industry. Nina, our head of Styling, made her annual trip to research and absorb key design insights and developments for the creative community.

    Design consultation is included in our project costs, passing on our industry knowledge to your photography so your bespoke content is on trend and hits the right brochure and marketing platforms. We also produce commissioned Trend Reports for our clients that forecast across imagery, video and social media trends. This will put you ahead of your competitors and strengthen visual guidelines.

    Here’s the rundown of Nina’s legwork visiting exhibitions, specialist installations and show rooms whilst catching up with some of our clients.

    Interior Design trends Clerkenwell

    Conscious Materials

    With the trend for wellbeing growing in strength the emotive topic is well established with the design world. Environmentally conscious design encourages designers and consumers to take responsibility with recycled materials such as Terrazzo or vegan material alternatives or even low emission products. This is a subject matter is very close to our stylists’ hearts and championed at HQ.

    Mindful Office

    Again, this is a topic our Stylists directly influence at HQ - a happy employee is a productive employee! By refining a space, bringing in foliage and an inspirational décor our team are more focused in our creative meeting spaces. With the traditional office structure becoming an outdated concept we need to focus on productivity rather than the 9 to 5 grind.

    Bright Pastels

    Pastels have a subconscious calming affect with soft earthy tones having a touch of spring and rejuvenation. The positive colour palette was highlighted on all surfaces from wall murals, Terrazzo worktops and fabric prints at Clerkenwell.

    For more details contact the studio for an informal discussion to see how our in-house service can benefit your imagery.

    Thursday, July 18, 2019

    Trending-Terrazzo Tactile Tones

    Last year we saw this trend coming… and for our clients who have a stylish, trend led eye we’ve been able to feature elements of Terrazzo textures and replicate the playful tones with shades through wall colours, props and surfaces.

    Our favourite terrazzo sample at the office inspired our own Creative Meeting Room and influenced one of our latest photography shots. We used the soft and playful mixed hues for a fresh and distinctive set design, mixing greens and pinks.

    Terrazzo trend interior design

    Solid Surfaces

    Here the custom table features a more muted terrazzo which is made from recycled materials. This is another draw to using the sustainable surface, a key value to the Set Visions design team.

    There’s plenty of amazing terrazzo worktops and in recent design shows we’ve seen some stunning kitchens showing off with it. Here we used a matt pastel kitchen fascia for that cool contemporary look.

    Photography terrazzo surface

    Fabrics and colour palette

    We have seen plenty coming through in the last year with terrazzo pattern prints on fabric now. Here we upholstered a foot stool with the print.

    When working with the terrazzo of choice it’s a good idea to try paint samples and fabric samples out against the texture to see how the colours work as a group. Here we demonstrated balance and tone though texture and composition.

    terrazzo texture interior design

    Thursday, March 14, 2019

    Trending-From Dusk to Pink

    Long gone the days of pink for girls and blue for boys, shades of dusk pink are hotter than ever, seen in both commercial and residential interiors everywhere. It’s a versatile tone to compliment other colours beautifully making it a great colour to work with.

    We’ve collated some of our latest work where shades of dusk pink have brought the interiors to life.

    Photography office interior design

    Block colour and Fabrics

    On this conceptual product shot we used flashes of dusk pink alongside coral to really make the free-standing baths stand out. Not only does the colour make this shot look great it also gives inspiration to the consumer for their own bathroom colour palette.

    Dull office spaces no more. Shades of grey, pink and mauve give this work space a contemporary edge. These colours compliment the soft edges and fabrics used making the space inviting yet maintaining a professional feel.
    Product photography editorial

    Go soft or dusky pink

    Statement moody dusk pink tiles are the key design feature in this hotel suite turning a simple dividing wall into a design feature. As well as having aesthetic properties this design also gives an identity to the hotel making it unique.

    With the Scandi trend still going strong seeing dusk pink sits hand in hand with this trend both creating a soft, calming environment. White painted walls, light oak flooring and furniture, hints of grey all finished off by subtle tones of the soft pink elements.
    Dusky pink interior design CG

    Thursday, February 14, 2019

    Trending-2019 the year of Colour Crush

    Will this be the year you ditch the grey daze you are in? Finally inject some colour and pattern in to your home? Freshen up for the springtime ahead with some of our top colour injections and inspirations for every room in your home.

    With fabric and paint choices, to colour blocking patterns on walls, have a little fun with these muted pastel hues, then contrast with a little zingy number!

    Fabric colour selection set visions

    Playful and family friendly

    Colour pop perfection with soft furnishings as the central colour injection. Try using bold solid shades on soft furnishings, not only with your sofas and chairs but why not try more colour with your blinds or curtains?

    We want to see more playful tones in the home in unsuspecting places. Kitchens tend to be play it safe spaces, but why not paint your kitchen walls in fun family friendly shades to add a little character?

    Colour blocking family fun design Set Visions

    Go bold or be tonal

    Bathroom designs became mundane and generic over the last year. However, we have seen a strong Memphis design resurgence with bold pattern walls and prints coming back through across design fields.

    Try a tonal selection of colours if the thought of bold colour pops is too much. Try working lighter and darker shades together with subtle more sleek colour contrasts such as this pink sofa. Pattern also adds that little extra umph on the blinds!

    Set Visions Memphis colour block tropical

    Monday, September 17, 2018

    Trending-Feature walls in the kitchen

    Feature walls are back. Gone are the days of eye watering wall paper as 2018 sees textures making a key design statement, especially in the kitchen. The technical development of materials means marbles are more cost effective and laminates are more durable to extend the variety of offerings in the market. Our advice: expand your comfort zone, be experimental and be unique!

    wood feature wall spalshback kitchen

    Create texture

    Below, we used the contrasting marble worktop as an extended splash back which returns giving a high-level shelf. This creates a strong seamless look allowing the natural marbling to be the design statement.

    What’s your brickwork like? Sometimes the best design pieces are the ones you already have. Here we used exposed brick accompanied by contemporary textured wall paper. Create contrast!

    textured splashback kitchen brick marble

    Modern classics

    Wood panelling has consistently stood the test of time when it comes to kitchen wall finishes. Here, tongue and groove panelling painted a rich, deep blue compliments the kitchen, yet still stands out as a feature wall.

    If budget is a constraint or perhaps you want something a little more subtle, tiles are a tremendous way to create a feature wall. For a contemporary touch have a play with the layout. Here we ran the tiles up to the wall cabinetry in a 45 degree herringbone pattern.

    white chevron tile splashback panelling kitchen

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