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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A leg up for one of tomorrow’s professionals

Several members of Set Vision’s staff contribute towards inspiring tomorrow’s professionals by tutoring and lecturing and some of the region’s top Universities including the University of Leeds and the University of Huddersfield.

Yesterday we were visited by a student from the latter, Tom Burgess, a Graphic Design student who needed a helping hand, or should we say a leg up, with his final year project work.

For his final year project Tom is creating a bespoke fit sports guard brand. As part of his project he will design and 3D print a personally fitted shin guard – which is where we come in.

After several failed attempts at using X-Box Kinect to create a 3D scan of his shin, Tom was in need of help.

Our Pix CGI team have a number of ways of capturing precision 3D scans of objects – so we offered Tom the use of our expertise, as well as the essential use of our Artec Eva 3D scanner.

Quick and easy to use, the scanner made light work (literally – it is a structured light scanner) of Tom’s scan – and we were able to send him on his way with a 3D mesh of his lower leg which he can now design around to create his shin guard.


Making light work of 3D modelling
Set Visions Pix are able to use 3D scanners to offer our client’s a number of advantages.

Quick modelling
Using a scanner to create models such as white-ware and kitchen and bathroom ceramics can bring modelling times down by days – hugely cutting costs for our kitchen and bathroom clients.

Unique props. Unique shots.
In order to cut time and effort, many CGI companies will use ‘stock’ CGI models. Using the scanner enables us to be equally quick and efficient, but means we can easily incorporate our customer’s own props, as well as unique props not common place in their competitors CGI shots.

The quality of imperfection
Our personal unique growing prop library contains nuances etc. that ‘stock’ props just don’t have. Our best in class photorealistic CGI is achieved through incorporating the imperfection of reality – which is often lost when other companies create ‘perfect’ models. For more on how we create perfect photorealism by adding imperfections – read our past blog post on that very topic.

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