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Friday, January 21, 2022

Photomontage for marketing and advertising

Photomontage is a flexible and effective choice for marketing images. Already used extensively for print ads, (think editorial car adverts) this technique combines 3D rendered elements and photography.

As you can see from our project, location is not an issue! To save costs we adapted stock photography with our client’s 3D product files. We highlighted the product’s most interesting elements whilst giving the impression of motion with the background edit.


This innovative technique costs less than a traditional photoshoot and is a quicker approach compared to a full CGI build and render. The result is a ‘photobash’ that is a carefully layered image combining multiple layers of visual information.

The editorial style is regularly used for eye catching marketing campaigns, instantly conveying the brand message to consumers.

To find out more information on our creative approach to visual content simply contact our team at to arrange an informal chat.

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