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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Why Outsource Your CGI Content To A UK Based Company?

Over the past several years, agencies and marketing depts have pursued global outsourcing partnerships primarily to reduce production costs. Many have moved to offshore solutions and are now turning to domestic partnerships as they encounter so many frustrating production issues.

Outsourcing CGI projects gives flexibility, scalability, and resources at better pricing to your business.

  • We offer extremely competitive rates. Our studio also attracts the very best CGI artist talent.
  • Free up your time with our Account Managers. We give a real partnership and support service; it eliminates the time delay issues found when outsourcing overseas.
  • A multi-level secure data backup on and off-site. Our quality control procedures make sure data doesn't get ‘misplaced.’

We offer a real partnership and support service, honed over many years, which eliminates the often-frustrating production issues found when outsourcing overseas.

We adapt our production methodology to work alongside whatever system you prefer and by using industry-standard software, ensure constant multi-platform communication between the studio and our clients.

For more information on our creative and collaborative approach to our CGI, AR, Video projects contact

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